Sunday, April 28, 2013

Robot Parts

     Lately I have hooked myself back up to my Animas insulin pump just for my quick acting meal/ correction  insulin. I still take my levemir twice a day with a pen but the pump really makes it easier to give my insulin without shots. I really hate taking shots so I'll frequently avoid them or I'll cry whine a lot when I do. It's hard for me and I really think people who choose to do shots over a pump are awesome and a lot tougher than me.
     Anyways, I carefully use the pump and my blood sugars are awesome. I love it! I am doing this without doctors supervision so I don't recommend it but for me, right now, it works. The week after my graduation I will be having 2 doctors appointments and I am eager to get the ball rolling on my CGM and insulin pump.
     Like I said back in February  I have made the decision to go on the Omnipod and I have stuck by that but from time to time I wonder if I should go with Animas again or Minimed or the T-slim, or what if my insurance won't cover any of the ones I want (mainly Omnipod) or it won't cover a CGM(continuous glucose monitor). I know that if I can get a Minimed pump I can eliminate the extra CGM part which comes with the pump, but I am in love with Dexcom and its awesomeness. I love the slimness, colored screen, and the fact that I can get one in pink. I really want to have these two devices before I start college in August. Highschool has been really tough with MDI and I'm tired of them, I'm ready for a pump!
     Summer is looking busy too, I think I might be working two jobs, working on my Doula certification and getting ready for college. You know what you will get to follow me and my diabetic adventures through college. I would also at some point in the future get a site up for teens coping with diabetes, mostly because I mostly did myself harm and no good, I frequently went to the internet to find someone or something to help me cope because I had no idea what I was doing or anyone to help me emotionally. I think things are looking up right now I can't wait to see how the future works out.

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