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       Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a creative person and I enjoy writing. I love to kayak and bike and spending time doing anything creative. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was nine years old in July of 2004. I remember it like yesterday and I honestly still feel just as clueless and scared as I did when I first came home.
       I try hard to be my own person and not let it hold me back but at times I feel like it does. I often feel like I am the only person in the world who is doing this disease wrong and will sooner or later feel the wrath of complications.
      My life is a journey and diabetes has just hitched a ride to come along. At times we all feel alone in this disease but we just need to reach out and hope that we find someone who understands us. I love to talk and email so feel free to just say hi.

Me today with A1c of 9.0 
This is me two days before my highest A1c ever 13.6

     Here is a story to tell you my struggle with diabetes and the rest of my journey I will share with you on my blog as I continue to gain control over this disease:

     Here is story, not one of my diagnosis but one of where I learned it the hard way and hope to be inspiration to other diabetics. 
     Christmas 2011 me and my family  decided to really celebrate christmas in our house before we lost it.  I got sick the second day we were there it happened rather quickly I went to bed early because I wasn't feeling my best to waking up throwing up, with diahhrea, and stomach pains that made it hard to sit, lie down, or sit down at all nothing felt good. My mom came to my room and we decided that I had a stomack virus  and it would be gone. She went up stairs and in afew minute I could hear her running down the stairs. she flung open the door and told me I was in DKA. 
    I already knew this but I didn't want my mom to know I want it all to go away and the pain was unbearable. We went to my pediatrician who managed to spend the whole hour we were there when she knew it was an emergency with her staff and when we left we went straight to Childrenis Healthcare of Atlanta. it is about a two hour trip from North Georgia and the whole time the pain in my stomach got worse and worse I don't remember anything other that. I remember when we got to the hospital I was so mad that I was not in a room and getting the morphine that I desparetly needed. I was so relieved when they took me back and ran thier tests hooked me up to pain relievers and told me I was indeed NOT in DKA, but my A1c was 13.6 and that I most likely had a virus but might also be pre- DKA.
     I was there, that point when you realize that you are killing yourself and you aren't very happy with where you are. I then turned around and in two month I had my A1c down to 12.9 and it has kept going down. In February of 2013 my A1c was 9.0 and one whole point from me being eligible for a pump. it took a lot of work and I am much happier and healthier now. I now I am not at my goal A1c yet but I'm getting closer to a goal of 7 which I haven't been at since 2005. After my 13.6 A1c I had my first drop ever since my constantly increasing A1c since diagnosis. 
     For those really difficult times when you feel defeated and like you can't do it you are alone and dying, your not we are here to help. I can tell you as a previously un-compliant (is that a word?) diabetic that it just takes one moment for you to realize that this will not be the end of you and you need to prove to every one you can and did do it.

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