Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exercise and diabetes

     I honestly hate intentional get outside and sweat exercise. I would rather read a book, make jewelry, make cupcakes, do my homework than exercise. But once again my body has every intention of make my day a little hard. I decided what the heck! I'll start exercising if it will help me control my sugar levels. Like I said in the last blog I will cut the crap out of my life and do what I have to do. But as always I need to do a little research on the subject but hey I probably already know everything rigggghhhhhtttt, WRONG!
      So apparently there is more science than just average brain know how. Ok so it turns out I already knew a whole lot about exercising but I didn't ever know how to do my own exercising that would benefit me the most or what to do when I got out there ( or in there if you are going to a gym.) To me it always was do it because it will help you regulate your blood sugar and keep you fit but I have always been a procrastinator ( research motivates me; I know I'm weird.)
     The three general types of exercise are heart, muscle, and flexibility. And they do a whole lot for me and my fellow diabetics. The heart exercises help your;you guessed it your heart, circulation, and respiratory systems. Our hearts are a tiny bit more fragile and need extra care. We really need to keep our cholesterol levels below 100 because we are at risk for our blood vessels thickening around our hearts even at young age. Exercising our heart is one way to keep it healthy here is a list of ways to get your heart pumpin':
     1. Zumba! I love, love Zumba it is an awesome way to get a workout in, sweat a lot, and have a blast.
     2. Walking. Skip the well traveled park and go somewhere fun. Maybe it a small town with tons of cool shops, or a hiking trail; just don't forget your water.
     3. Rollerblading. Yes this is an oldie but it is coming back with a bang. Once you get the hang of it you could join a roller derby plus doing this could burn 900 calories an hour. Whoohooo strap 'em on and get going.
    4.Swimming. Who doesn't love to swim it fun, refreshing, and you don't sweat. I you don't know how to swim enroll your self in a swim class or let your children take swimming lessons at the community pool. For kids it is a good idea for safely too and it is very rewarding for them.
    5.Jump Rope. I love to jump rope. It reminds me of elementary school. Get a group of kids together and do competitions ( don't forget prizes). Or grab your self a rope and see how far you can go and everyday add on more You will be shock how far you can get your body to go when you train it.This site give more information on diabetes and heart health, I found it very interesting

    Flexibility training and strength training is good for your whole body. You tone muscle, increase circulation to your joints, and increase your stamina. Having well toned muscles, less fat, good circlation is good for diabetics because bad circulation is what causes amputation and strong, plus you just have a lot of needed energy. Here ar some types of flex, and strength training.
     1. Yoga, You knew it was coming, but this form of eercising burns tons of calories, calms your ming and increases your core strength.
     2.Ballet. What momma doesn't love to see little girls in their leotards and tutus and dance. I do ballet three times a week and have become increasingly stronger and flexable. I always break a good sweat and love how good it makes me feel. They do offer adult beginner classes so your don't feel like the only stumbling giraffe in a graceful swan world.
     3. Karate. This one is good aerobics and flex, and strength training. So fun great for self protection, discipline, and little boys love it.
    One way I have found to exercise is a dance class. I take it at school, so five times a week I get to have so much fun with friends, learn choreography, and get in my strength, flex, and cardio training I need. Everyone can find something they love to do so it isn't so hard tomake yourself get off the couch.
Me, Erik, and Mercy on a hiking trip spring break  2010
       I think I will go work out now that I have learned all this stuff about my cholesterol levels, heart problems I'm at risk for and how it will effect my blood sugars ( in a good way this time.)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My diabetes control, is that an oxymoron?

     I love how I feel when my blood sugar is in range. I love how much I can do when my body is in perfect glucose range. But it is one big time consuming deal, I feel it is always on my mind and I never seem to be able to forget about it and if I ever do some one is there to remind me that I have a disease. Sometimes I want a bag of MnM's from the vending machine, sometimes I get a little thirsty, running an extra mile won't hurt me, and yes I DID  TAKE MY INSULIN!. After everything is said and done I am who I am and though my life is literally consumed by this seemingly large cloud I smile because it isn't cancer, I laugh because I can walk, and love because someday there will be a cure. Right now I sit here thinking how nice it would be to have a snack but I refrain because I don't really want to take a shot. In the end i will find a meduim we all are happy with, a way to make sure I don't die or live to uptight about it all.
     Last Friday I went to my endocrinologist. And if when you saw those words in your head you went du-du-duuuu, so did I. I never really look forward to those visits because for the past five years I have not had the est A1c's. My highest ever was 13.4 and my most recent was 12.9. I was really happy to see it come down but not happy where it was. I want to some day have children, and not die from kidney failure or suffer with nerve damage. These have really been on my mind lately so I decided to cut the crap and just do what I need to do.
      So far my whole body hates me for going from an almost always high to a almost constant low of around 40. I have gained ten pounds ( side affect of going from no insulin to constant) and all my teachers are worried because two to three times everday I turn pale white stubble out of the room to the nurses office and come back thirty minutes later. I f I thought I could hide it I was dead wrong, everyone in school knows now. My math teacher made a big scene in class when she asked me what my blod sugar was and I told her It was forty one she flipped out then treated like I didn't now what to do even though I ad taken tablets she still made me go to the nurses office where I dozed for about an hour. Turns out my sugar only got up to 79 around dinner time I guess she was right.
    I eat a whole lot of jello and peanut butter these days but someday I will thank myself..........I hope.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lets try it again.

Ok I hope you didn't get the impression that I was in full control of my diabetes; because actually I strugle with it constantly and I often feel hopeless, overwhelmed, and alone. Yes, yes I know there are millions of people with the same disease with the same struggles but I don't know any of them. I have never had a friend with diabetes or had any type of relationship with a type 1 diabetic. I  have met diabetics ( camp, school, church, etc..) but I don't know one personally. So I often go through rebellious stages where I test the waters beyond what I suppose to do and quit. I often end up, once again overwhelmed.
     So I did it again I overwhelmed myself. Sometimes I feel hopelss and out of control I'm scared of what could happen but maybe I am just tired of everything. I wish my thoughts and feelings could just tell me up front about my true feeling on the topic, haha that actually might be a bad idea.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Diabetic In Acton : Rachel Tobin

I found this really awesome website for jewelry made by an inspiring girl. Her name is Rachel Tobin and she owns  Rachels Cure By Design and raise money for JDRF. This is the her story I got from her website....

In 2005, at the age of 12, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Since then, I’ve been supporting the work of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and their mission to find a cure for diabetes through the support of research.
To help this important organization, I began designing and selling a unique collection of handmade beaded bracelets and donating a portion of the proceeds.  I am proud to report that from the sales of my Cure by Design jewelry, I have donated over $42,000 to the JDRF Western PA Chapter.
I invite you to visit often as I continue to create new designs for my jewelry and add to my Cure by Design product line.
All of my bracelets have a sterling silver “hope” charm that symbolizes my hope for a cure for diabetes.  This charm can be your symbol of “hope” for opportunities and challenges you and your family may face as well.  On behalf of myself and the 23.6 million people who suffer from diabetes, thank you for your kindness and support!
 ~Rachel T.

Isn't that so cool how she took charge of it and has made such a difference with something that many people stuggle with and often give into defeat. Thanks Rachel you are amazing.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Best stuff for kids with diabetes

I was diagnosed when I was nine, just the age to be able to truely comprehend what has happened to you. My doctor want me to get on the pump right away but my mom put her foot on the brake and decided to learn a little because all the info was an overload. But after a few month we decided to get an insulin pump and I loved it.     But we had a problem how do we carry ir on me. The clunky clip on case that came with it was UGLY and it hit every thing I wanked by and I couldn't wear sweat pants because made  my pants sag down. That is when we discovered Pump Wear Inc . I loved my pump packs and I never ever went anywhere without them. I think I had about ten when I got a newer pump ( animas ping) and used the slim clip to hook it to my pants; much nicer. Of course I have found the coolest things to carry my supplies around in as a kid so I'll share a few of my favorite for you people with kids newly diagnosed with diabetes.

 1.Rubber Alert Bracelets: OK so you probably were thinking when you saw how insanely expensive those nice alert bracelets were was " He is so going to tear that up"  or " She is going to break that pretty bracelet" and believe me they are so easy to mess up. As soon as I saw these bracelets I knew that I wanted one. But think of  how durable these would be on the playground, might be chewed on, and dunked in water and no telling what else. These are perfect for elementary and middle school kids.

2.Rufus the Diabetic Bear: This is a life saver especially for really young kids. I had one and every time I got a shot he would get one and everytime my blood sugar was low he also got a juice box. I still have that bear sitting on a shelf in my room. It is so hard the first couple of months of diagnosis and it is very stressful on a young child and a friend that understands is really helpful. Even if you have to sew patches for injection sites on your self to a bear it is worth it.

3.A First Book For Understanding Diabetes: This is the book me and my parents were given in the hospital.This helped explain it so well and describe the stuff we still didn't understand. There is a large amount of books and materials out there to help you begin your new life. There are also several children  books which are wonderful.

4. Carry Case: I used a soft case and I always hated it. I thought it was ugly and my mom mae me carry it everywhere. But these cases are hard and look like they hold a lot of stuff. I think these are very nice for kids and teenagers who need a place to carry all there supplies. Plus the colors are pretty.

5. Didget Meter: How cool is this one and it's awesome how it is sort of a game for kids. You plug it into your Nintendo D.S. and it records your blood sugar.This is cool and even little kids are into technology ( my six yr old cousin plays with an Iphone better than me most of the time.

6.Toddler Pump Pack : This would be very good for a busy toddler, it is securely attacked to their backs and away from preying hands to push all the buttons. This is the link angel bear pump stuff. com.

7. Infant Pump Onsies: As a energetic nine year old my pump was constantly being yanked and pulled, thrown and toss. But throw a curious baby and a pump together and you have trouble. This is so good for keeping the tube away from fingers and easy to get to for mom or dad. These are very cute too.

 8. Pump Packs: I found the ones I liked the most for each age group and these are a must for any childwith a pump. They cost a bit but are totally worth it because you wear them everyday and My favorites are from Pump Wear Inc.

9. Alert tatoos: How cool is that tattoos that replace the bracelets. These would be so fun for kids who hate wearing bracelets and it would make it exciting because when it come off the get a new one.

Having diabetes is a big change and finding what is best, what works, and how to keep a kid smiling is an everyday challenge for any parent . I hope my suggestions help you.