Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exercise and diabetes

     I honestly hate intentional get outside and sweat exercise. I would rather read a book, make jewelry, make cupcakes, do my homework than exercise. But once again my body has every intention of make my day a little hard. I decided what the heck! I'll start exercising if it will help me control my sugar levels. Like I said in the last blog I will cut the crap out of my life and do what I have to do. But as always I need to do a little research on the subject but hey I probably already know everything rigggghhhhhtttt, WRONG!
      So apparently there is more science than just average brain know how. Ok so it turns out I already knew a whole lot about exercising but I didn't ever know how to do my own exercising that would benefit me the most or what to do when I got out there ( or in there if you are going to a gym.) To me it always was do it because it will help you regulate your blood sugar and keep you fit but I have always been a procrastinator ( research motivates me; I know I'm weird.)
     The three general types of exercise are heart, muscle, and flexibility. And they do a whole lot for me and my fellow diabetics. The heart exercises help your;you guessed it your heart, circulation, and respiratory systems. Our hearts are a tiny bit more fragile and need extra care. We really need to keep our cholesterol levels below 100 because we are at risk for our blood vessels thickening around our hearts even at young age. Exercising our heart is one way to keep it healthy here is a list of ways to get your heart pumpin':
     1. Zumba! I love, love Zumba it is an awesome way to get a workout in, sweat a lot, and have a blast.
     2. Walking. Skip the well traveled park and go somewhere fun. Maybe it a small town with tons of cool shops, or a hiking trail; just don't forget your water.
     3. Rollerblading. Yes this is an oldie but it is coming back with a bang. Once you get the hang of it you could join a roller derby plus doing this could burn 900 calories an hour. Whoohooo strap 'em on and get going.
    4.Swimming. Who doesn't love to swim it fun, refreshing, and you don't sweat. I you don't know how to swim enroll your self in a swim class or let your children take swimming lessons at the community pool. For kids it is a good idea for safely too and it is very rewarding for them.
    5.Jump Rope. I love to jump rope. It reminds me of elementary school. Get a group of kids together and do competitions ( don't forget prizes). Or grab your self a rope and see how far you can go and everyday add on more You will be shock how far you can get your body to go when you train it.This site give more information on diabetes and heart health, I found it very interesting

    Flexibility training and strength training is good for your whole body. You tone muscle, increase circulation to your joints, and increase your stamina. Having well toned muscles, less fat, good circlation is good for diabetics because bad circulation is what causes amputation and strong, plus you just have a lot of needed energy. Here ar some types of flex, and strength training.
     1. Yoga, You knew it was coming, but this form of eercising burns tons of calories, calms your ming and increases your core strength.
     2.Ballet. What momma doesn't love to see little girls in their leotards and tutus and dance. I do ballet three times a week and have become increasingly stronger and flexable. I always break a good sweat and love how good it makes me feel. They do offer adult beginner classes so your don't feel like the only stumbling giraffe in a graceful swan world.
     3. Karate. This one is good aerobics and flex, and strength training. So fun great for self protection, discipline, and little boys love it.
    One way I have found to exercise is a dance class. I take it at school, so five times a week I get to have so much fun with friends, learn choreography, and get in my strength, flex, and cardio training I need. Everyone can find something they love to do so it isn't so hard tomake yourself get off the couch.
Me, Erik, and Mercy on a hiking trip spring break  2010
       I think I will go work out now that I have learned all this stuff about my cholesterol levels, heart problems I'm at risk for and how it will effect my blood sugars ( in a good way this time.)

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