Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Best stuff for kids with diabetes

I was diagnosed when I was nine, just the age to be able to truely comprehend what has happened to you. My doctor want me to get on the pump right away but my mom put her foot on the brake and decided to learn a little because all the info was an overload. But after a few month we decided to get an insulin pump and I loved it.     But we had a problem how do we carry ir on me. The clunky clip on case that came with it was UGLY and it hit every thing I wanked by and I couldn't wear sweat pants because made  my pants sag down. That is when we discovered Pump Wear Inc . I loved my pump packs and I never ever went anywhere without them. I think I had about ten when I got a newer pump ( animas ping) and used the slim clip to hook it to my pants; much nicer. Of course I have found the coolest things to carry my supplies around in as a kid so I'll share a few of my favorite for you people with kids newly diagnosed with diabetes.

 1.Rubber Alert Bracelets: OK so you probably were thinking when you saw how insanely expensive those nice alert bracelets were was " He is so going to tear that up"  or " She is going to break that pretty bracelet" and believe me they are so easy to mess up. As soon as I saw these bracelets I knew that I wanted one. But think of  how durable these would be on the playground, might be chewed on, and dunked in water and no telling what else. These are perfect for elementary and middle school kids.

2.Rufus the Diabetic Bear: This is a life saver especially for really young kids. I had one and every time I got a shot he would get one and everytime my blood sugar was low he also got a juice box. I still have that bear sitting on a shelf in my room. It is so hard the first couple of months of diagnosis and it is very stressful on a young child and a friend that understands is really helpful. Even if you have to sew patches for injection sites on your self to a bear it is worth it.

3.A First Book For Understanding Diabetes: This is the book me and my parents were given in the hospital.This helped explain it so well and describe the stuff we still didn't understand. There is a large amount of books and materials out there to help you begin your new life. There are also several children  books which are wonderful.

4. Carry Case: I used a soft case and I always hated it. I thought it was ugly and my mom mae me carry it everywhere. But these cases are hard and look like they hold a lot of stuff. I think these are very nice for kids and teenagers who need a place to carry all there supplies. Plus the colors are pretty.

5. Didget Meter: How cool is this one and it's awesome how it is sort of a game for kids. You plug it into your Nintendo D.S. and it records your blood sugar.This is cool and even little kids are into technology ( my six yr old cousin plays with an Iphone better than me most of the time.

6.Toddler Pump Pack : This would be very good for a busy toddler, it is securely attacked to their backs and away from preying hands to push all the buttons. This is the link angel bear pump stuff. com.

7. Infant Pump Onsies: As a energetic nine year old my pump was constantly being yanked and pulled, thrown and toss. But throw a curious baby and a pump together and you have trouble. This is so good for keeping the tube away from fingers and easy to get to for mom or dad. These are very cute too.

 8. Pump Packs: I found the ones I liked the most for each age group and these are a must for any childwith a pump. They cost a bit but are totally worth it because you wear them everyday and My favorites are from Pump Wear Inc.

9. Alert tatoos: How cool is that tattoos that replace the bracelets. These would be so fun for kids who hate wearing bracelets and it would make it exciting because when it come off the get a new one.

Having diabetes is a big change and finding what is best, what works, and how to keep a kid smiling is an everyday challenge for any parent . I hope my suggestions help you. 

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