Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Funny Diabetic Quote from me

"All I need to live is in the butter compartment of my fridge" (YOU) 
"No just a diabetic" (YOU)

I hope this makes you laugh thought of this during class

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sugar Free Jello snacks

I hate sugar free stuff. Usually it is overly sweetened with splenda to make up for the lack of regular white sugar or corn syrup. It leaves a thick and bitter taste in my mouth. Also I find that  it often has just as many carbs or few less. I do however love sugar free jello. HELLO!!!! NO CARBS! I love a big blob of coolwhip on top (psst no carbs!) It is the only good diabetic food. My friends call me an old person cause I take them with my lunches cause I love them so much. I have yet to find another good snack with no carbs. has anyone found a snack they love that has none or little carbs.

Recipe: Jello Dreamy Mousse
1 package of Jello
frozen cool whip

Mix the jello according to the directions on the package. After you have mixed your jello add thawed cool whip. Place in the fridge until set and eat it all. I recommend hiding it from other people cause it is to good to share.

Quick jello parfait:
One jello cup
whipping cream (light not heavy)

Using a spoon cut the jello up into medium chunks; don't cut it up to much or it is more like mush. Pour in about one table spoon of whipping cream and stir. Eat.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My favorite App : GoMeals

For Christmas I got an I pod. I love it I never go any where without it. I love finding new apps that are useful and may I say they have some amazing apps out there. But of course since I have diabetes I am always looking for apps to help in that sort of way. I found the best one I use it everyday and love it. It is called GoMeals.

What is your favorite app that helps you manage your diabetes?

The reason I love this one is because it has all the carb counts to all kinds of food; from restraunt food to generic grocery foods. You an also make a list of favorites. It also keeps track of your calorie intake everyday; a little scary when you have Zaxby's for lunch.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Really Paula Deen???

I was really upset about the flack that Paula Deen was given for not telling she had Type 2 Diabetes.Give the woman a break she had a right to her privacy and nobody should judge her cooking or her from not telling people. Apparently she didn't even tell her family at first, which goes to show she oviously was having a hard time admitting to this life changing part of her life. I read the article in people which said that she had made some life changes for the better ( ahem she gave up sweet tea, a drink as regular as water and milk in the south.) Kudos Paula Deen!

Friday, January 13, 2012

So This is How It Begins

     OK so it isn't really the beginning for me I  have had diabetes for eight years and I have done every type  of treatment you can imagine; even raw food ( no it doesn't cure it, yeah I felt pretty dumb ). I love discovering new foods and places and adventures to take. I want to travel the world  and even though that might sound corny it is more different than you might think. I want to see a lot of the amazing places everyone wants to see, i.e. Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Tuscany, laadeedaa. What I really want to see is life's unknown secrets, the tiny shop in the corner, old streets with beautiful houses, theaters only known to the locals. Still corny I know...

     But most of all I hate diabetes and if it drives me to the ground I will beat it, fight it, and cure it. A little far fetched, but I think it is a secret mission for all diabetics, parents of diabetics, friends and sibling of diabetics. We all want the same thing, This thing gone! So while we wait we will find each other and build a tower of hope for all because our lives with needle suck!
                                                                                                                          - Anna Gwen