Wednesday, April 25, 2012


What makes you happy?

I sometime like to think of what makes me the most happy, but often I honestly can't think of it. I think it is seeing the sunrise, freshly painted rooms, strawberries, or just a day of blessedly good blood sugars all day. it has been a while but when that happens I am so happy mostly because there is nothing to make me feel bad it makes me wonder why everyone else looks sad for no reason, I bet they never had to deal with high blood sugar after a cup of coffee or waking up with a thirty blood sugar. Ithink what makes me happy is knowing I won't live with this forever.
                                                                                                  Till next time................

Sunday, April 8, 2012

What's Up!!!!

   How is it going? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Well for me it as been crazy But I love spring and love the beautiful warm weather we have been having here in the south. I love sitting on the porch doing homework, laying out in the sun. or doing some photography.
   In a little less than a month is my birthday and I'm so excited about getting my liscenes. Yes I am going to be seventeen (not sixteen, I wait a whole year to get my learners crazy right.) and can not wait to dig into birthday cake and get tons of cards in the mail, this is my most favorite part. I am very happy that my doctor got me on track with my sugars before I hop onto the road solo. I feel far more confident knowing I won't go crazy on the road and hurt someone because of my blood sugar.
  Would you mind sharing some experiences and advice for a new Diabetic Driver.
                                                                                                    - Sarah