Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sugar Free Jello snacks

I hate sugar free stuff. Usually it is overly sweetened with splenda to make up for the lack of regular white sugar or corn syrup. It leaves a thick and bitter taste in my mouth. Also I find that  it often has just as many carbs or few less. I do however love sugar free jello. HELLO!!!! NO CARBS! I love a big blob of coolwhip on top (psst no carbs!) It is the only good diabetic food. My friends call me an old person cause I take them with my lunches cause I love them so much. I have yet to find another good snack with no carbs. has anyone found a snack they love that has none or little carbs.

Recipe: Jello Dreamy Mousse
1 package of Jello
frozen cool whip

Mix the jello according to the directions on the package. After you have mixed your jello add thawed cool whip. Place in the fridge until set and eat it all. I recommend hiding it from other people cause it is to good to share.

Quick jello parfait:
One jello cup
whipping cream (light not heavy)

Using a spoon cut the jello up into medium chunks; don't cut it up to much or it is more like mush. Pour in about one table spoon of whipping cream and stir. Eat.

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