Saturday, March 31, 2012

Diabetes and Natural disasters

    OK it happen, you never, ever expect it to happen to you but I guess we all kinda imagine ourselves kind of invincible and nothing can go wrong. And even if your a diabetic, if your blood sugar is in control, and you have time to plan you feel like a superhero; ready to take on the world with the mind set nothing can go wrong without me being prepared first.
     WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! It happened to me the other day all of those tornado's touching down all over the south  my town was one of them. Me and mom were sitting on the couch watching television and my aunt Rhonda (also a diabetic) texted my mom telling her that "J" had tornado warning till 10:30.
     It hadn't begun raining yet but the cloud suggested otherwise. Dark and dooming, moving fast and the wind was quick and warm. I wasn't scared but soon (6:30) it started lighting. The lights were so bright the lite up the whole house like a t.v. on in the dark. We sit around thinking we are safe; we had tornado warnings before and it wasn't uncommon. My mom a little uneasy flipped open her laptop to check the weather she stood up and scurried to the front door and opened it and the  Rain was  falling hard and fast and loud winds, the dog scurried between her legs trying to get inside.
     "Sarah go turn on the radio and check the weather ( we don't have cable or anything to watch news)."
Bleep! Bleep! Bleep! The loud sounds filled my mind with dread. All counties in north and north east Ga. Had tornado warnings and were advising people to take cover. Everyone, except me and my mom were in bed.
    " Sarah get dressed and wake up your brother."
I grab my sweat pants and a hoodie and wake up my brother. But wait I need to grab my stuff. I go into my room rummaging through my bags to find one to carry all my stuff in. I grab my meter, strips, and pricker. I hesitate, what about my insulin, I grab my apidra and a handful of syringes. I then realize I need something for lows. So I grab my tablets and a glucogon.
After panic, tornado sirens and everyone huddled around the radio for about two hours. The closest they ever got was about thirty minutes away. Still scary and a lot of scary bad weather. We all went to bed to sleep through the ground shaking thunder.
      Ironically a few days later I went to see my endo and she gave me some papers to catch up on care and other stuff which involved a pamphlet about diabetes during a natural disaster . I haven't put it together yet but at least I have an idea of what I would need to get together if I have to run out to shelter in the middle of a tornado. Overall the experience was amazing I loved seeing the lighting and even hearing the sirens from town (yea I know it is a bit morbid.) and now I am prepared for anything mother nature throws at me.

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