Thursday, April 18, 2013

New study about Insulin needs and fat content

     I found this study on diabetes daily and found it very interesting and true. Most of us know that if we eat a high fat meal we need more insulin than usual and the our blood sugars are high after eating that yummy slice of pizza with sausage, mushrooms, and artichokes  (OMG!) Here is the study saying that high fat content decrease your insulin sensitivity. Here
     I am really a high fat eating person which is causing some liver problem right now but this also made me think is how we dose our insulin going to change as the news of this goes around, is there going to be a new variable in calculating out insulin dose. Will we no longer just be counting carbs and putting that into out pumps? I am under  no allusion that the diabetes treatment we have right now is perfect but it seemed to work fine (except after that pizza and spaghetti). Is the treatment of diabetes going to change as we know it all because doctors are beginning to understand the science behind it all? Only time can tell. How do you readers feel about this and what are your thoughts about this study? Do you feel like me and have always notice a change in insulin needs after high fat meals?

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