Thursday, April 11, 2013

Driving... Low!

Driving with diabetes is a BIG deal. In Georgia it counts as a DUI if you wreck you car due to low blood sugar, WHAT!!!!  Yeah and I won't argue about it, it is my responsibility to make sure my blood sugar is in range and no one else can worry about it. It would be my fault if I wrecked my car or even worse hurt someone else.
 Anywho today was probably one of the first experiences I have had with low blood sugar and diabetes:
    At about 2 o'clock I checked my sugar feeling the symptoms of low blood sugar, mostly lightheaded and fog brain and hungry, blood sugar reading was 100 perfect and dropping. Of course it nearing the end of my school day I had zip food and no quick glucose to give me a safely net till I got home at 3:45. No food. I hate being without food maybe it is effects of living half my life with diabetes or maybe I am just a foodie. So since I was okay i decided to just wait till I got to my car and quick stick it up. Lo and behold no quik stiks and one little juice box which only seems to keep my blood sugar at the same low level for hours.

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