Sunday, February 24, 2013

6 Healthy Snacks...

Healthy snacks are something I struggle with, I would rather eat oreos over apple slices any day of the week but lets face it, we can't always say no (okay maybe you can but not me). This week has been cray cray busy and I really haven't had time to grab an afternoon snack everyday to tide me over til 7 or 8. I have been making a mental list of foods that are yummy and semi-healthy. I have found some things that I love, things that require a small amount of work and some that require a ripping of a package. I think this list is great, it isn't carb free or always even low carb but trust me they are a nice variation to cheese sticks and peanut butter.

York Patties-
I love these, in fact I have chosen this candy over other for the simple reason of less fat. It is not fat free (gross) but low fat which while I'm trying to lose the winter pudge is a great choice.

Pita with provolone-
This is a very yummy snack. It honestly reminds me of cheese sticks that come with pizza. First toast the pita with two provolone slices on top  let the cheese get bubbly and brown and pull out of the oven or toaster oven and slice into eight triangles, dip in pizza sauce.

Carrots and Salsa-
One of my super healthy friends taught me this trick. Slice a few carrots into disc slices and dip in salsa of your choice. It is a really yummy low calorie, low carb, low fat snack that is also great for company and travels well.

Rice cakes and peanut butter-
Oh my this snack reminds me of Camp Kudzu. Take a rice cake smear some creamy peanut butter on it or eat them separately and you have a yummy protein packed snack with low carbs. This is a good Saturday night movie snack too I sometimes treat myself to a few chocolates too and by a few I mean two not the whole bag. this snack keeps me from plummeting in the night or spiking, I love it.

Oh yum-o I love a wrap sandwich. I take either a spinach wrap or wheat and spread some cream cheese on it and  top with deli meat and cheese. This baby has got protein and veggies if you choose the spinach wrap. these average about 30 carbs each

Frozen Yogurt
I found these snack size frozen yogurts at the store the other day in the ice cream aisle and they are so creamy and rich and every diabetics dream per-measured so no cheating. I got the blueberry but there was also chocolate and strawberry. I think they were like fifteen to twenty carbs a serving .

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