Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Three

How is it Diabetes world. I love you bunches because of how "normal you make me feel. Everyday I check into my glu account and read shouts and discusions and sometimes give my own wisdoms. Then I will happily surf on over to Tudiabetes where I also get to chat and ask questions and input on others questions.I then read some of my favorites blogs and for that day I can handle it. I love my life, I love my family, I love my options and chioces I have. I think that despite my often negative feelings I no longer super alone and even though I haven't actually talked to a diabetic face to face in years this as close as it will get and I love being part of it. I want to be an advocate for you guys, what is your advice, hmmmm anyone.
   So this week on Thursday Three I have a few blogs and articles I really enjoyed this week and a funny something. I think Three is an inferrior number so I might move it to four whatcha think?

 Number one on our list is from a  favorite blog across the D.O.C. Six Until I go there everyday looking for the words from a fellow diabetic I feel I relate to. Maybe the one to inspire me to write this blog who knows. I have only gone to the beach once this summer and it was terribly crowded and not even a real beach ( a lake) and I didn't really get to swim or tan or read my lovely summer reading (not lovely). But some things I never thought about. Like the cooler thing, WHAT?!? I always try to keep my insulin in the shade or something never thought of the cooler a little dumb I know but hey we are always learning. FYI: I usually leave my insulin indoors or in the shade because if it got messed up I probably wouldn't figure it out till I was in DKA or I was dead, just sayin'. Here is the Link.

Here goes Number 2. Lately I have been really considering a CGM (continues glucose monitor) and I have been researching and researching and late last night I found this article. At first I was a little disappionted. All I had been reading about cgm's made them sound wonderful. I knew there would be alarms and annoying beeping and might dissrupt me at school a lot and even get me into giving my insulin more consistently because sometimes I just don't want to. But that brought me back to why I got rid of my pump. This time last year I gave up my pump for the old school treatment (insulin in a bottle and syringes). Why I'm not sure but I do know I was tired of being threated with it being taken away by my doctors and parents, tired of always explaining it to peole who enjoy putting their noses in my business and I wanted to wear a dress. Just one dress where I could not worry about that stupid pump. I hated the alarms and bells and changing that stupid site. I now see how amazing that pump was and how much it did for me  but I don't miss it. I like not wearing it and how now my diabetes is hideable. Now don't get me wrong I am not ashamed of my diabetes but I get tired of explaining it. So what are your views on CGM's are they worth the hassle or not. Do you do a CGM solo aka without the pump?  Please leave a comment.

   Oh my josh!!!!!!!!!!!! This thing is pretty amazing. I want to hold and try it on and use this for the rest of my life. A patch that delivers insulin with a simple press of a button. I bet you are thinking a pump but it isn't, it is a insulin delivery system for people on shots (like moi). I can't wait to try this one out and yes I am getting one. Its so little and tiny and little I want it !!!!!(insert evil happy laugh) Magic made by my favorite scientists and developers and however had this brilliant idea!

I hope you have had a happy week and I am so happy to see what the diabetes world future holds ;jumping off the moon right now!

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