Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Three!

Whoop Whoop it is almost friday which is incredibly close to the weekend. Of course this weekend I am far from free. This weekend I have a yardsale, memorial service, couple of projects to be done, summer reading to finish, and a lot of laundry to do. Jus a few more weeks of summer vacation people are you rerady for another year! Well I'm not. I like getting paid and all of the influencial people in my life say I can't work through the school year. So far my summer has been pretty stress free and school always rocks my world (or should I say 'betes). For now I will enjoy posting every week , watch How I met your mother and gossip girl, and zero stress. Yes you probably guessed it school stresses me out but I enjoy the consistent schedules (ironic I know) and absolutely hae anything that throw it off. I especially hate prep rallies. I mean really what is the piont of making guys whom already have a big head prepped up for a game of high school football?!? WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL! Maybe it is so the cheerleaders can show off thier stamachs to everyone, or evenso the band can play in the gym to show off their "skills" What ever the piont is I like for everyday to be the same and no I don't have a lot off school spirit.
Okay thanks for the ranting session lets get back to the purpose of today. Every thursday I will post three things I find interesing or inspiring to do with life and diabetes. Maybe sometimes it won't be, but n general thats what it will be. So are you ready for week 1 of Thursday Three........
1. This so true for every diabetic. We often can feel alone no matter how involved we are online or in the real world , in the end we are at home dealing with the lows and high by ourselves and sometimes it's nice the be hugged ( or for a man hand shack) and hear the words "you are doing your best."
 2. I love blue shoes. It is my new obsession especially since hearing that blue is the 'betes color and you wear blue shoes and blue clothes on friday. I think friday will be my blue day. It could start something, hmmmm. Plus these are adorable.
3. Be my glu BUDDY. I jioned glu this week and love. My username is sam16 ( after my goldfish named sam who lived for sixeen days).

Me and My sister Amanda or Nana as I call her, she is my 'betes buddy even though she doesn't have diabetes.
 Have a wonderful weekend everybody and dress like you are in the original Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ( I actually did this for a school dance preformance) Music video. Awesome!

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