Monday, May 6, 2013

Diabetes and a Diet- Day 1

"I am not going for skinny I am going for fit."
       This is what I  promised myself when I decided to go on a diet, not to totally deprive myself and aim for a super thin self, but a healthy self something I have struggled with all through high school and here I am at the end doing something for my self at last. 
      Diets get a lot of stigma and even I hate to hear about women who go on diets when they don't need to. I am much like many modern women today in that I want the trim, defined and toned body and get my cake and pizza too.  How wonderful it would be to eat what I want, not exercise, and take a magic pill which magically helps the weight fall off, without any effort. As a society I think people have become so lazy that they aren't willing to do the hard stuff to get what we want, we want quick, easy, and no sweat or tears. I myself had fallen into that trap as well but new that I needed to change my habits in order to get the fit body I really wanted. (stepping down from soap box)
      I am determined to get in good enough shape to be able to easily do a 7 mile hike around a popular lake near my hometown, kayak for couple hours straight, and do a color run in October. Those are a few goals I have but mostly I don't want any flub when I buy that bikini to wear this summer.
     I do have a goal weight for myself which will include me losing 21 lbs. I feel like that is such a big goal to reach for but I will go for losing 2-4 lb a week. So if I am consistent  with these numbers I should be around  my goal weight in five to six weeks.
    Determined I am, to get to a confident body and fit back into those skinny jeans and that sweet navy dress, both of which are  teensy bit too tight. I also have grabbed my sister, mother, and best friend along for the ride.
    Do you as a diabetic struggle with weight loss or have any tips for being successful I want to hear them.

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