Monday, May 13, 2013

Daibetes Blog Week- Share and Don't Share Day 1

Guess what??? I am participating in Diabetes Blog week this year and I am super excited to let you peek into my blog and help me raise awareness. Here is the link to the whole list here.
 Topic: Often our health care team only sees us for about 15 minutes several times a year, and they might not have a sense of what our lives are really like. Today, let’s pretend our medical team is reading our blogs. What do you wish they could see about your and/or your loved one's daily life with diabetes? On the other hand, what do you hope they don't see?

6 am First check of the day. 41. Shaky, dizzy, light headed, raspberry glucose tablets.
7am Shower, don’t forget to hook up pump, then breakfast, check blood sugar, 201. Bolus, correct.
8am Check again 101 its safe to drive
9am Check again two hours after breakfast blood sugar 399 hmmmm
11am Lunch: check blood sugar 169 WHAT! I really aim for a 120 before blood sugar
12 pm do insulin bolus for lunch, ouch that burns
2 am Did I do insulin?
3 pm am I hungry or am I low? Check 57 yep over corrected for that slight high
4 pm Check again before you drive 124 we’re okay
5pm snack: deli meat today no carbs for me
7pm Dinner check 306 I think meat now has carbs avoid scolding from mother dad and dog.
9pm Night time shot and insulin 588 HOLY CRAP I forgot about dinner insulin now I’m sick and I have ketones, guzzle a bottle of water go to bed
12 am wake up I need to pee
2am wake up I need to pee and I am soooo thirsty
3 am wake up go pee now is time to check blood sugar 290 wow I should have checked my ketones I need new insulin
4 am change out insulin in pump lay down and try to sleep a little more.
6 am Check blood sugar 37. Why do I always fail?

To those who see the outside this is just a glimpse into living with my diabetes. It is a very consuming thing I try really hard at  and even though my efforts sometimes fail I have to do it again the next day. I will get no breaks and I have fully accepted all the responsibility that comes with it it just sometimes it wears you out .

Living with diabetes is a battle but one I will win. Insulin is not a cure and it will never go away. I did not get it from eating to much sugar or KFC I can eat what ever I want just with moderation and with the insulin to balance it out. No special diet or pill can cure me and I can have children. This is Type 1 diabetes.

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