Friday, March 8, 2013


      I am currently contemplating my diet. I do not eat a super unhealthy diet I usually have a salad several times a week and sometimes as a meal, I indulge occasionally on oreos, ice cream, sour worms and french fries, and chocolate. I rarely eat red meat maybe a few times a month but I eat tons of chicken. I like it fried, I like it covered in breading and I love it fattening. I also love to do juicing with vegetables, eating fresh, organic, and sometimes tasteless crap to make myself feel good. I teeter totter on my diet sometimes it is all crap and sometimes it ain't. I am driven to feel better but so much of how I feel is based on how well I take care of myself with this diabetes crap.

      I have how ever been thinking that the paleo diet seems to be a very good lifestyle and might be trying my hand at it but I am having trouble making a final decision on it.

    Should I dip my toes in or jump for it? I am looking for any info on it especially in the diabetes area of it, such as how it affects your blood sugars, insulin sensitivity, insulin intake, and do you know any yummy recipes since I love to cook.

I am also currently recovering from gallbladder surgery, I had surgery on the 6th of march and boy recovery has done a number on the BG'S but I am not worried it is incredibly stressful on my body.

        So any advice about the paleo diet ?

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