Monday, December 10, 2012

This silly Game... Diabetes

       I love Zumba. I recently decided to do Zumba from time to time with a friend for a few things one it is really fun to do with other people and two I need to exercise, BAD! I have been reading a lot about how exercise will increase your insulin sensitivity and boy do I need that. I have been on a 1:5 ratio for over a year now and believe me that is a ton of insulin. I average about 15 units of Apidra per meal most often more (I like white carbs). Plus I am terribly out of shape and I need to exercise,the stress of school and diabetes can really pull you down or even the stress of life.
       Today me and my friend Heather decided this morning that after school we would boogie it out with Zumba. She came home with me today to do Zumba and we did. Of course being the good little diabetic I am, decided to actually check before I worked out but I was a little low for exercise (95). So I at one sheet of graham crackers and worked it for thirty minutes after words I checked again and low and behold I sat nicely at 92. WHOOP-WHOOP I was not a diabetic for about thirty minutes of my life and I loved it for once I could feel the same as everyone else did. I was bubbling with energy and sass for the others in the household and I new for once  had done it, I won. This disease absorbs so much of me, my time, my energy, and just plain me. I felt great and it has been a long time since I won at diabetes so take that. Diabetes and me have been at this for a long time and I won't even say the classic Me: 1 Diabetes: 0 line because that simply isn't the case diabetes and me is more like Me :1 Diabetes: 10,000 But I did it once and I will do it again besides this game ain't over till I say so:
     " Hey  'Betes I see you there I ain't hidin' but I keep tryin', if you think you'll win you are sorely mistaken I ain't goin down, not me, not now."

not sure where I got this it is not mine :)

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