Friday, December 7, 2012

My No D-Day blog post

In this post I am choosing NOT to talk about diabetes but instead let you know a little more about me without diabetes up front.

Me at midnight having a not so good moment with the cookies. This was just a prank photo I really ate those with wondrous manners. hehehe.
  • I love cooking especially french food
  • I sing like a crazy person when I'm alone and dance too. When I am in public I just do it in my head.
  • I love to shop, I know typical girl right; yeah I'm one of those.
  • I like alone time, sometimes Oliver(my cat)joins me
  • my favorite place in the whole world is Ireland. It is as beautiful as they say, I've been there twice.
  • I am a total animal person but I don't mind cutting up fetal pigs at school.
  • I love to write
  • I hope to someday be in the medical field (those choices are coming up quick )
  • I am a die hard cowgirl :) yep I was raised in the south.

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