Thursday, August 23, 2012

Celiac Disease and Me

You want to know what; these past few weeks I have felt like crap, sluggish, depressed, brain fog, to list a few. These have really been going on for a long time so one morning my stomach was hurting and right before we left for school I jumped out of the car ran inside and threw up (tmi i know)
     So at this point my mom decided to get me tested for celiac. Yes most of us diabetics are tested for celiac at least once in our lives and I have only been test once and we went Wednesday right before school and the test said no celiac so whoop whoop! But I have also read about people who went gluten free felt so much better, so much better that they realized that they had be sick so long they didn't even know who good it felt not to be sick. So here I go lets see where this takes me. I am not saying good bye forever to buffalo chicken pizza or gigi's cupcakes but more that I want to see if this makes me feel better.

Little Crazy with Lizzie and me (I am on the left)

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