Thursday, May 31, 2012

JDRF Atlanta

    Woohoo it is summer; time to get summer jobs (if you are a teenager) or just keep doing your normal thing with a nice vacation scheduled at a beach far from the office soon. As for me I am sticking it out I have a job :) and wouldn't mind having a second one, everyone tells me I'm crazy for wanting a second job along with my 45 hr. week already but hey I need to buy things to live and really need a car when I get my permit in June. But of course I am an over achiever and well I signed up to raise five hundred dollars for JDRF Atlanta and get a team together to run for a cure. Oh yeah my schedule for the next school year is scary and volunteered for my churches children's choir
     But we all deserve to be busy it is more interesting that way. I would love to go to Tybee or Jekyll sometime hopefully save for climbing gear and make stuff to sell on etsy. I like busy summer it keeps me ready for school plus my mom won't let me work during the school year. Bummer cause those climbing ropes are darn expensive. Oh well who has time for being relaxed and being bored out of their mind, not me.  But I am super excited about the Walk to cure IT. I can't wait to see who walks with me.  And of course I am already thinking of t-shirts. Hmmmmm navy and lime green sounds good to me.Have an amazing day.

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